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Coconut Software

Coconut Software Logo

About Coconut Software

Coconut Software formerly known as Coconut Calendar is an enterprise appointment scheduling solution designed to simplify and speed up the way enterprise companies create appointments with existing and potential clients while providing them with an enhanced overall experience. The company focuses on Banks and Credit Unions as its main market and has several institutions as its customers. The company raised $4.2 million in 2017 followed by an additional $6.5 million investment in 2019.

Coconut Software Collaboration

In 2016 Coconut Software approached Push Interactions to build a native app version for iOS and Android of their online scheduling system. The apps would have all the core features of their web-only offering in terms of customer use. Including scheduling with a variety of options. The initial project completed in 2017 just as Coconut Software was in process of receiving their first investment of $4.2 million. As part of receiving the investment additional waivers were signed with Push Interactions in line with what the new investment partners desired in terms of free and clear intellectual property.

Coconut Software Links

Coconut Software Webpage

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