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Grayhill Information Page

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About Grayhill

Founded in 1943 Grayhill provides top-quality human interface solutions for a wide range of applications.  Previously Grayhill was selected as a vendor for the 1969 NASA manned missions to the Moon and their parts are also used in Porsche vehicles. In 2019 Grayhill was selected once again for manned missions to the Moon and Mars as a supplier for the NASA Orion Spacecraft.

Grayhill Collaboration

Grayhill sells a lot of different parts which are customizable in a lot of different ways for their customers. Grayhill wanted to present a much more sophisticated parts catalog for its customers as well as the catalog to have live part counts in their worldwide parts system. For this problem Grayhill reached out to Push Interactions to provide a solution in 2019. The new parts catalog would allow customers to mix and match different types of elements together to get exactly the part they need for their project. This extra specific lookup combined with a real time lookup of stocks available would allow customers to order from around the world the exact part they needed for their project immediatly. This system offered customers the ability to quickly and easily find exactly the part they need wherever that part is in the world.

Grayhill Links

Grayhill Webpage
Grayhill Catalog

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